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Young European Ambassador

Vojin Cetkovic



Film and photography, Music, Youth activism, Environment, Sport


I’m Vojin, and I’m a fresh graduate of Ankara University’s Communication Faculty, the Department of Journalism. Apart from journalism, I’ve also taken courses from the Departments of Public Relations, and Cinematography, so these are two other areas that I’m quite good at. My friends would describe me as a natural-born leader who isn’t afraid to state his mind and come up with new and creative ideas. I’m quite a social and open-minded person, and I’m fluent in English, German, Turkish, Albanian, and Spanish. My biggest wish is to lead the younger generation into a safer future that we all build together. Due to my education, and my knowledge of social relations and its theories, I think that I would have an advantage in such a context, as I strongly believe that communication is the best way towards resolving almost every problem that exists in our society today.

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