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Dragana Vuckovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Youth activism


Hi, I am Dragana and I am an activist from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am passionate about a potential career in either investigative journalism or diplomacy, I undertook my undergraduate studies in history as a means of acquiring an adequate level of working knowledge in both fields. Currently, I am an undergraduate student in marketing and awaiting my master’s entrance exam in International Relations and European Studies. Over the last eight years of community activism, I have implemented seven projects, led teams of up to 50 individuals, and successfully negotiated with official government representatives on a number of issues. Currently, I am enrolled in youth programmes at the ‘Schüler Helfen Leben’ Foundation and at the ‘Robert Schuman Institute.’ I would love to produce cultural-historical documentaries for television, to be translated into multiple world languages and broadcasted in my country and abroad. At the moment, however, I am interested in all things within the domain of activism, media, and geopolitics. As a YEA, I wish to not only project a positive image of Bosnian youth to the EU but to also provide them with concrete and useful opportunities that will motivate them towards increased activism, as well as personal and professional developments.

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