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Amina Maslo

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Film and photography, Environment, Sport


I’m Amina, and I was born and schooled in Bosnia until the age of 16, after which I began attending the United World College in Canada, and later the University of Richmond in the United States. Studying, working, and volunteering both in my home country and abroad, have not only enabled me to develop a unique perspective and better understanding of the people I interact with, but also instilled in me a desire to continue the exchange of ideas and the implementation of projects – both locally and internationally. Those who know me tend to associate me with nature, and I’m most often found hiking, cycling, climbing, or hanging in trees. I am currently a member of the Mostar professional biking club as well as the Prenj-Jablanica hiking club. I wish to use my current network to bring more people together through sports and adventure, and help young people widen their horizons – what better way to do so than through adventuring? I thrive in challenging situations, diverse teams, and working towards positive change – this is why I’m thrilled to be a Young European Ambassador!

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